New Supplier Network Director

Miroslav Hrdlička has been in the business already for 38 years (saying “ouch” when we have got the number). He started decades ago in the state foreign trade company. He grew up from the office assistant up to Key Account Manager (the name being used at that time was Independent Business Officer) up there. He was dealing with all major overseas markets and cooperating with all cotton and linen producers and textile printing houses in former Czechoslovakia.

In 1990, he spent six weeks in the Cotton Stock Exchange in Bremen, Germany, to become a raw cotton expert, and immediately after that, more than six months visiting cotton and yarn producers in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, and Pakistan. As time went on, Miroslav co-operated with almost all Czech cotton and linen producers importing raw materials for them and, at the same time, exporting their products worldwide, primarily to the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

When the textile industry in the country became extinct (another “ouch”), he offered his knowledge and experience to companies that were doing imports or exports by themselves as an advisor and intermediary.

In 2014, Miroslav met Daniel and started working with him in his recent company iNETPrint, where Miroslav built up from scratch the very new purchasing department. This cooperation brought results immediately, increasing the turnover by tens of percent and lowering input costs significantly. It has also notably increased the awareness of the entire promotional goods market in Europe about the iNETPrint brand.

This collaboration took almost six years (last “ouch” – the time flies like a furious), so when Daniel started the new project PromoTron Miroslav joined in as the Business Network Director and Chief Procurement Officer to support the introduction of this new and unique platform to the worldwide market..