TronCalculator Is Already Available!

The online calculation engine of printing, another PromoTron Service, is finished and ready! It has been one of the most expected services as it brings the option to calculate the final price with decoration directly and online.


This functionality is another step to the digitalization of everyday procedures. Such automation of the internal processes brings a growth of the effectivity and saves your time and money.

What TronCalculator offers?

  • Selection and setting of product variants (colors and sizes)
  • Automated calculation of volume discounts based number of pieces
  • Smart All-Step Guide of print calculation
  • Support of all print positions and technologies including previews
  • Real-time price calculation each time you change settings
  • Immediately works for over than 100,000 products of EU importers
  • More different printings / designs on 1 item
  • Very customizable visual look (colors and style)
  • Advanced settings of your sales pricing policy
  • Automated saving and return to unfinished calculations

Integrated suppliers

We are constantly expanding our TronCloud platform and engaging new suppliers. Are you missing an important supplier or manufacturer? Contact us.