Autumn news TronLogo – watermarks, Magento & PrestaShop plugin and custom logos

Autumn update of the TronLogo service brings several new features – we have developed plugins for the Magento and PrestaShop platforms, added custom watermarks on visualizations to protect images and just finished displaying custom preset logos in the gallery for each visitor.

In this article about news in TronLogo, you will learn about:

In recent months, we have worked intensively on how to make it easier for distributors to integrate TronLogo into their e-shops. Based on the market analysis and available e-shop platforms, in the first phase, we chose platforms Magento 2 and PrestaShop, on which e-shops with promotional goods are most often operated.

If you have your e-shop built on one of these two platforms, you do not have to pay thousands of EUR for individual integration of the TronLogo service. You can download and install the plugin developed by us for free; you only need to set it up. If you already have the product codes of suppliers in your e-shop, everything can work in a few tens of minutes.

Detailed instructions on how to install everything and the plugins themselves can be downloaded here:


To support the broader awareness of your brand, while protecting your quotes and product images, we’ve added the ability to generate your own watermark in each visualization. The watermark is generated both on smaller previews (e.g. in the product catalogue) as well as on larger previews, and also directly in the online editor after each change. It will never be possible to get an image with a logo visualization without your watermark.

The watermark can be created by:

  • your own graphics (e.g. logo, custom pattern, etc.)
  • the entered text with a selection of font, colour and size

The design of the watermark can also be customized:

  • Transparency 0-100%
  • Rotation angle 0-359°
  • Repeat (1x in the middle / 2-4 times repeatedly according to the size of the image)

Several examples of watermarks:

Watermark generation is an optional extension of the TronLogo service, which you can activate from 8,50 EUR per month. The stated price is valid for up to a limit of 300,000 visualizations per month (approx. 250-350 visitors per day). With this extension, you get the necessary extra CPU time in the cloud, which is needed to render the watermark over each completed visualization. If you are interested or have a higher number of visitors, do not hesitate to contact us at


What we shall prepare during October and November 2020

  • Own descriptive texts (visualization and e-mail)
  • Custom preset logos
  • Supplier updates

Very frequently, we have requests and questions from our customers about the possibilities of greater customization of the TronLogo service. Most often, it is possible to edit texts that describe the subsequent DTP process, proofreading and approval solutions, deadlines, etc. These texts are created by ourselves nowadays to be as universal as possible, but they are the same for everyone. However, different companies have different processes, and TronLogo needs to respond correctly.

We, therefore, plan to add the option to customize
selected texts in all languages from within the TronLogo environment and application. We will start with texts in the visualization preview window before sending the PDF, and in the body of the e-mail that leaves with the PDF visualization in the attachment). This new feature will be included for free in every TronLogo license.
Some customers also ask for the possibility to have their own
preset “DEMO” logos in the gallery for each new visitor instead of those prepared by us. Therefore, we are preparing an additional service (similar to a watermark), which will allow you to turn off the default “demo” logos and completely manage your logos available in the gallery. The expected surcharge to the license price will be only 6 EUR / month.
The former product range update and templating of products for
automatic visualization took place at the beginning of 2020. Some suppliers were last updated even in 2019. Until December 2019, we did this templating for the leading EU players completely free of charge. In total, we have invested more than EUR 50,000 so that automatic logo visualization can work on tens of thousands of products.
Starting in 2020, the costly setup of new products became a paid service for suppliers. During COVID-19, we did not deal with the update for TronLogo much; nobody had much time for that. But now, during the coming two months, we are going to contact all involved suppliers and ensure that as many products as possible are updated. Only then the TronLogo service can work best for you, for distributors and for agencies.
PS: What helps us is when our customers and real users of the TronLogo service send a demand to suppliers. If you find a moment, please write to your contact person at the supplier with a request to ensure that your range is updated in the TronLogo service. It can speed it all up. Thank you for your help.