TronLogo 2.0 – Integration With ERP/CRM, REST API and Print Effects Simulation

Print technology visualization

In late December, we launched the long-awaited upgrade of our visualization engine, which takes virtual samples to a new level.

Now, TronLogo can fully simulate laser engraving and embossing and indicate embroidery. Everything is done automatically, based on suppliers’ print data.


You can select the technology directly in the print editor and change it anytime – you immediately see real-time visualization of selected printing technology on the product. It helps your customers to imagine better how the real product with branding will look.

Advanced integration and REST API

We just completed a new extension that will allow us to fully link TronLogo into your webshop and make it as an integral part. New integration features allow you to integrate it where you want and how you want.

What are the new possibilities?

  • Integrate TronLogo into your shopping process (cart and order)
  • Integrate TronLogo into your ERP system (access all data directly from your order detail)
  • Full control over virtual sample (which logo, which logo color variant, which print technology etc.)
  • API for getting a virtual sample at server-side (eg. for generating PDF product sheets and quotations)
  • API for automated uploading of customer logos at server-side
Introduction and Implementation Manual

Just hand it over to your IT department. If you have any questions, contact us at

Color count validation

As the first extension to eliminate problems with graphics vs. print position and technology we have added a function that counts colors in the print artwork (in the editor) and warns if it exceeds the maximum count of colors for specific print technology. Everything works with suppliers’ imprint data.

Color indication sample in the editor: