TronShop – Coming soon!

Our biggest project – advanced promotional webshop platform – is about to launch. We have already developed 98% of front-end parts (webshop for customers) and 95% of administration. And now we are working very hard to integrate all product data, prices, stock availabilities and print data from suppliers.

After the launch, products of 5 TOP EU importers (PF Concept, Xindao, Makito, Giving Europe, Anda Present) will be available within just a few clicks. Gradually the others will be added and by the end of May, products of all involved suppliers of TronCloud platform will be integrated (if they provide sufficient data quality).

We plan to launch our TronShop at the beginning of April.

At this moment, we believe that we will be able to access the beta version of TronShop to the chosen clients who will be interested in it for the first month for free during the first or max second week of April. Originally, we wanted to launch this beta testing early in March – but since we have a delay in data processing, even though shop programming and administration were ready for testing, without product data, e-shop or testing would not make sense.

TronShop sample interface previews:


Based on feedback from PSI show 2020 we include several additional things in our development plan – eg. full support of SEO optimization and customization, quotation mode of the webshop and working with demands and more.

Also, remember that in case you will order the TronShop till the end of March you can get a 20% discount for the 1st year license with a non-obligatory pre-order!