TronShop autumn news – new features, new suppliers, new languages

The autumn update of the TronShop platform brings several novelties as well as minor fixes and improvements. At the same time, more and more suppliers are joining the PromoTron platform. From the most important news – individual customer discounts

This article about news in TronShop will inform you about:

  • New functions and tools of the e-shop
  • New four languages
  • New suppliers and new integrations
  • Implemented repairs and improvements
  • What we are going to do soon

The development of our TronCloud data platform and the TronShop e-shop system is our main priority. We dedicate more than 90% of our capacity to TronShop, suppliers and data, and we invest every month over 25,000 EUR in improvements, new integrations and new functions.

During August and September 2020, we have prepared following new functions for you:

  • Individual discounts for customers
  • More stock information (deliveries on the way)
  • Inquiry mode for a webshop (Quotation Mode)
  • Sending e-mail notification about order status change by one click
  • Generating a purchase order into PDF
  • Integration of TronLogo into the cart
  • Search improvements for all languages
  • Google Merchant feed export and export of the sitemap

We also had the entire e-shop (front-end) translated into other languages. You can now let the e-shop speak these four new languages:





In total, we already support 20 languages ​​across Europe. We are currently working on adding Bulgarian and Serbian. These additional languages ​​will be available during November.


In the last two months, we have completed the integration of the range of the following suppliers, and you can add their goods into your e-shops immediately:

We have also worked on the integration of printing technologies into our service TronCalculator, which enables online calculation and ordering of goods, including printing. We completed and made available during September online calculations for the following suppliers:

These new vendors have officially joined the PromoTron platform recently. We are currently working on the integration of their range of goods:

At the same time, we fixed some minor bugs:

  • Stripe API update
  • Sending an order with an attachment for printing
  • Accelerating the saving of price policies for categories
  • Saving product parameters in administration
  • Switching the language version for the selected product variant