TronShop Official Launch

If you ever considered professionally expanding your business online, then the TronShop is just what you need. TronShop is not just another webshop platform. Why? Only because it was developed based on 15 years of experience in the Promotional industry. It is dedicated and fine-tuned to sell your promotional products online.


Our team of more than ten developers worked very hard to create a new webshop platform tailored to the promotional industry that will fully integrate with our TronCloud data platform. After a year of intensive development and the investment approaching the amount of 1M EUR, we are proud to launch the first version of the TronShop (TronShop v 1.0 Beta).

The TronShop is multilingual and allows you to trade in many currencies. The whole platform is neatly designed, has a well thought out workflow, comes with thousands of products, automatically calculates the order sales price, based on your predefined sales policies, including shipping costs. It also is on-click-ready for configuring the products and creating the virtual samples with a logo using our TronLogo Virtual Samples tool. The price of the printing is on the “Online Demand” only, but the shop interface is ready to use the TronCalculator tool, the online calculator developed especially for promotional products and textiles.

Wide Personalization Options

It is not our goal to sell the same shop dozens of times. The standard version of the TronShop comes with a template. However, it’s easy to change its look and feel in whatever suits you best. Of course, you can add your content and create new content pages on whatever you need to communicate.

You can easily adjust the visual look and feel of the shop towards your company-specific style. You can change everything, from the webshop header, through the shape of the window, the examination of product cards, and also the window shading. Your shop will so differ from the others, and you can personalize its look in many various ways.

Having the TronShop means hundreds of combinations within a few clicks directly from the administration without asking us and paying for it. If any of those visual schemes are not your taste, there is nothing easier to give us know about your ambitious requirements. We designed the whole platform such that we can implement a bespoke design tailor-made to your corporate identity or wishes. We only need to know a bit more about your dreams and demands. We can provide individual advanced customization for a low cost if you want so.

Most Advanced Cloud-Based eCommerce platform

Just starting an online shop is not enough. We focused on advanced data because, only in case of having high-quality data, you can harvest the full success of eCommerce. TronShop platform uses the most quality product data available on the promotional market. It fits the best to your wishes and needs, considering all vital eCommerce features, and enriched with many automated functions. You can upload the products of the desired suppliers, or just some product categories within just a few clicks.

One of the essential features of every webshop is the setting of price levels. We designed a very complex system to define an unlimited count of your sale price policies (it means one or more quantity levels and every with different margin) with the opportunity to assign desired sale policy to the supplier, category, brand, or product. Also, in TronShop, you can define product sorting, product categorization, intelligent and comfortable product sorting, searching, and ordering. We understand that the promotional business is variable and every single subject within this market may have different needs. So, you can easily set up everything to fit your business philosophy.

We also prepared and developed features for marketing, product management, order management, which are essential for almost every webshop, and e-commerce activity. And we plan to provide many more useful features than offers this first version. You can see the actual list of upcoming features we are already working on and the roadmap here.


Modern Technology and Advanced Digitalization

We started the development of TronShop almost exactly before the year, in the half of April 2019. We don’t use any existing platform, framework, or open-source solution like Magento, Shopify, to name just a few. We start entirely from scratch and designed whole architecture, webshop, administration, and all data flows mainly for the promotional industry and all its specific needs. It was hard work, but due to this decision, we have no limitations, and we can change absolutely everything, and we do not have to adapt to the existing base and data structures, which is very often either restrictive or very expensive to “bend” to the needs of the specifics of our industry.

Another advantage and difference from all of our competitors is the overall architecture and technology. We built our entire platform on the most modern and the latest cloud technologies that allow us unlimited power scaling and run the service as close as possible to customers to offer the best experience and top speed. Many other systems were built years ago when modern technologies were not available yet.

But the latest virtualization and cloud technologies are providing unlimited scalability ready for worldwide trading. We can run an endless count of reliable and very fast webshops for Western Europe as well as Eastern Europe, Russia, or even Asia, and always as if everything looks like all servers and data are in the customer’s country and don’t travel through half a world. It is vital for customer experience, response rate, and speed of webshop.