What Are Next TronShop Upcoming Updates?

TronShop was launched just a few weeks before. However, we are still working on its updates and improvements, because your online business is very important and we will keep our promises. 

TronShop is now available also in Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, and Polish. Also, we added new suppliers – namely Mid Ocean, Anda Present and Adler. And we continue. 

Progress Indication for Background Activity

Our webshop contains dynamic functionality in the background in many places – i.e. if you click on something; the browser would ask the server and then change something on the page without reloading it.

This server query may take a second or two (unlikely), and the user doesn’t know what is happening on the background until the page is finally changed. Therefore, we added a “progress bar” animation to all these places. Due to that feature, the user will see and understand that something is happening.

Extended Inquiry Management System

We have extended TronShop internal order management, focused mostly on inquiries. It means that every inquiry submitted through your webshop will be stored in the database, and you will have access to the list of all inquiries from your administration interface, to filter and search in inquiries and show inquiry details. For management purposes, you will be able to change the status of inquiry to know what is open, what is in progress, and what has already been done.

Currency & Exchange Rate Update

Purchase and sale rate are from now displayed in webshop administration and it is a possible option to set up constant rate value in webshop administration or to choose daily updates based on the ECB exchange rates.

Soon we plan also add:

Hiding Categories Without Products

We have created a very complex and universal product classification tree with more than 450 categories. Whenever the customer selects the desired category, he gets only expected items, not just a mix of different items.

However, there is a disadvantage. Many of the categories may appear empty and have no products, which may be confusing for the customers. 

In that case, all the categories without products will be automatically hidden. 

List of registered customer’s opened carts

Whenever any of the registered users will insert some items in his shopping cart, but the order will be not finished – this open cart will be stored in your administration, so you will be able to use it for your marketing.

Soon we will extend the shop with the tool for redirecting URL and HTML Title suffix & prefix in Settings as well.

The whole roadmap of TronShop development you can check and involve here.