White-label Webshop Platform for Your Business Partners


Our webshop platform is not built on any framework and solutions such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. We wrote it all from scratch to be perfectly tailored to the diverse requirements of the promotional industry. We are based on a unique 15 years of experience as a TOP online distributor of promotional goods in the Czech Republic.

One of the specialties of our TronShop platform is the readiness to be used as a WHITE-LABEL webshop solution.

What does mean white-label solution?

  • The solution how you can provide perfect and tuned webshop with your assortment to your business partners (distributors) without investing hundreds of thousands of euros and hundreds of hours to very costly development, IT maintenance and further development.
  • Also, it is the solution that ensures constant synchronization of the product data from your ERM system and possibly offers automatic transfer of orders directly to your ERP system. The perfect outsourcing solution for the distributor’s webshops.

The advantage of our platform is the possibility to customize your webshop version for your distributors and to differentiate from another webshop. No more box solution where only the color and logo can be changed. We also provide customized personalization of webshops for your distributors.

Are your distributors asking for a webshop with your products? Or you just want to provide your distributors chain the e-commerce solution?

Then contact us as soon as possible. We already have several candidates and shortly after the TronShop launch, we will have the capacity to provide white-label solutions for a limited count of manufacturers and importers only.